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RMA Service

Return Policy
  • There will be a restocking fee up to 15% for non-defective returned products or for any products returned as defective that has no problems.
  • All items returned should be in its original received condition, if not, at least some pro tective measurement is applied prior to any returned shipment. All damages occur during transport will be treated as "Artificial Damage", which is excluded from Warranty Coverage.
RMA Policy
  • 1. Refer to the tables in Warranty Statement, Fametech will bear 2-way shipping fee gener ated from pick-up and returning those defective products within 30 days after purchase. We will either exchange the brand new working products or give a refund.
  • If the faulty product is determined to be faulty in the period between the date of 30 days after purchase to the date of warranty expired, Fametech will bear only one-way shipping fee charged for returning the replaced or repaired product to our customer. The returned RMA stock must be freight prepaid.
  • Outside the product warranty period, a processing fee will incur for material and labor cost. Fametech will provide a quotation to the customer for consent to continue the repair/replacement work. Without the customer confirmation, repair work will not be per formed.
  • The turnaround time for any RMA Repair work is four to six weeks from the received date.
  • Returned products must be packaged properly to avoid any shipping damages. Any damage or loss of returned goods during transportation shall be regard as artificial damage.
  • In the event the RMA form is incomplete or inaccurate, our staff will inform customer and request for further instruction. Until a confirmed instruction, the delayed time will not be included in the four to six weeks turnaround time.
  • The documents required for RMA is considered incomplete and/or inaccurate when any of the following is true:
    1. No List
    2. Incorrect quantity or wrong parts
    3. Incomplete form (e.g. lack description)
    4. Inconsistency between the form and the actual returned products (e.g. serial number,model number)
RMA Procedure
  • Contact FAMETECH to report RMA and request for RMA form and RMA number, and Email or Fax RMA form and return the RMA stock
  • The following documents must be sent with the RMA item to us.
    • The commercial invoice
    • Packing list
    • Brief (or detailed) descriptions on the product's faulty status
    Please mention the following clause in the commercial invoice: "RMA stock returned for repair or replacement, No Commercial Value"
3 Months Limited Warranty for Receipt Printer Mechanism
RMA Services RMA Services Cost Delivery Cost & Handling
Refund Replace Repair Parts Labor Customer To
Fametech To Customer
1st-30ed Day O O O Free Free Free Free
3led-3rd Month/
End of Warranty
X X O Free Free Pay by
Pay by
Out Of Warranty X X O Pay by
Pay by
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