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Portable Barcode Scanner


Portable Barcode Scanner
Stylish, Ergonomic Barcode Scanner

The BCP-5500 is a compact and cost-effective data collector that allows its operator to collect data without distance limitation. It is the ideal device for inventory and stocktaking.

By featuring the fast-responding CCD/Laser sensor and the powerful decoder, BCP-5500 is capable of performing data-collecting tasks that time is an important issue. And the stylish and easy-to-grip design is a merit for operators especially for long-time operation: Inventory, Warehouse, Stock and Order Picking, and Shipping/Receiving Management.

.Stylish & compact design
.Two Pre-defined data formats
.Vivid and Clear Display
.Long Time Operatinon
    (over 30 hr or approx. 45,000 records)
.Easy operation by navigation keys
.Interface: USB or RS-232 selectable
.1100 mA/3.7V Rechargeable battery
.Scans with timestamp
.Easy configuration utility

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Model No. BCP-5500-C BCP-5500-N
CPU 8-bit CPU
Memory 224KB
Application Software
Operating System Support Windows-base (2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7)
Data/Task Management Data Management Utility Software
Display Type 128x64 dot-matrix graphic LCD with back-light
(18 character x 4 line, 7x18 dot display pattern)
Keypad 3 keys (2 navigation keys, and enter key)
Indicator LED Indicator
Audio Notification Audio Buzzer
Vibration Notification Optional
Scanner Type CCD 650nm ±10nm,
Visible Laser Diode
Scan Speed 100 scans/sec
Depth of  Field 3~21 cm 3~48 cm
Interface Standard RS-232 & USB (Virtual RS-232)
Transmission Rate 19200 bps
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack (1100 mAh/ 3.7V) 
battery charge via
Recharge and Communication Cradle
Operating Time Over 30 hours (approx. 45,000 scans, battery fully charged)
Material ABS
Compliance FCC class A
Weight scanner: 136.1 g / cradle: 170.2 g
Dimension (L x W x H:mm) 175 x 45 x28 mm