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LCD Customer Display


DSP Series
Reliable and Easy-Operation LCD Customer Display

The DSP-400 Series LCD Customer Display features clear and fast-responding LCD display that can provide real-time information relating to transactions or marketing. With the counter-space saving compact design and multi-language supports (universe fonts and various Asian-Fonts available), DSP-400 series customer display is the best-to fit Pole Display for most POS terminals.

The connectivity of RS-232/USB interface and easy-configuration utility software help user setup the display within short times and effortless. Compatible for popular emulation configure codes, DSP-400 series customer display is your high-performance, cost-effective choice to meet the budget-saving strategies.

Model DSP-420 DSP-430 DSP-440 DSP-470
Display Alphanumeric, dot matrix, liquid crystal display Graphic, liquid crystal display
Number of Columns 20 x 2 20 x 2 30 x 4 (Alphabet)
15 x 4 (Chinese Character)
Character Size (mm) 6 x 9.66 (WxH), 5 x 7
dot matrix
6 x 13.95 (WxH), 5 x 7
dot matrix
8.5 x 8.5 (WxH), 16 x 16
dot matrix
16x16, 8x16
dot matrix
Command Set 9 different command sets 9 different command sets 9 different command sets ESC/POS
Font Character Support English/European, English/Japanese, or English/Russian 192(ASCII), 13094(BIG5), Japanese, Korean 192(ASCII), 13094(BIG5)
Weight 700 g 750 g 850 g 800 g
Pole Telescopic Pole (270~440 mm)
Tilting Angle 53 degree, 4 step adjustable
Compliance CE, FCC