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Magstripe Card Reader

CMSR Series

Compact Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Compact-Sized Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

CMSR Series card readers are compact-sized, manual swipe type magnetic stripe card readers for use with a personal computer via the keyboard wedge, RS-232 or USB. It is easy to use just simply installed to the PC without installing driver.

CMSR series also support single or multiple tracks configuration and major standards. These enable CMSR suitable for most applications effortlessly.

. Easy-configuration utility
. Bi-directional swipe and read capability
. Single, dual and tripe track(s) decoding
. Meet with ISO and JIS-II standards
. Power up diagnostics
. Audio notification (card reading confirmed)
. Over 300,000 passes (minimum)
. 1,000,000 passes version can be requested

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Power Input +5VDC ±10%
Standard Comply with ISO and JIS standards
Magnetic Head Life 300,000 passes head
(1,000,000 passes head available)
Interface RS-232, USB or Keyboard Wedge
Magnetic Track 1,2,3  1&2  2&3 1&2&3, JIS-II
Configuration Easy Configuration Utility
Compliance CE, FCC
Dimensions (:mm) 100 mm(L) x 33.8 mm(W) x 33 mm(H)
Weight 120 g