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Magstripe Card Reader

MSE Series

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader/Writer
Loco. and Hico. Encoder (reader/writer)

.Tracks 1&2&3
.300~4000oe Coercivity
.Hico/loco Configurable
.RS-232/USB Two-in-One Connectivity
.One Million Passes Media Life
.ISO 7811-1/2/3/4/5 &ANSI 4.16 1983 Compliant

Model MSE-730 MSE-750 MSE-770
Standard ISO 7811-1/2/3/4/5 &ANSI 4.16 1983 Compliant
Data Format 5/6/7BPC 210/75BPI on Any Track
Magnetic Track Tracks 1&2&3
Interface RJ-45 (with converting cable to USB or RS-232)
Coercivity 300~600 Oersted (read)
300~600 Oersted (write)
300~2700 Oersted (read)
300~2700 Oersted (write)
300~4000 Oersted (read)
300~4000 Oersted (write)
Media Speed 5~50IPS (Read) / 5~30IPS (Write)
Media Life 1,000,000 passes for both read and write heads
Low Amplitude Reading 0% (210BPI) or 40% (75BPI) at 10~40IPS
Error Rate <0.5% (read), <0.75% (write)
Power Source  5VDC / 500 mA, via PS/2
power retrieving cable
(with External Adapter 100~240VAC 50/60Hz)
Weight 580 g
Dimension (:mm) 212(L) x 63(W) x 63(H)