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TYSSO provides a wide range
of solutions for your businesses
in various industries.

Our POS terminals are widely applied in hospitality industry such as restaurants and coffee shops. Our unique and specially designed fanless models are widely appreciated and are successful to prevent the probable problems in this business.

The POS products perform well in retail field as well. The introduction of POS terminals brings retail industry to a brand new era in which has gotten rid of long waiting cue. For those boutiques on high street, the space-saving base designed POS terminal will be viable option as the operators will be grated with valuable space during operations. For those who pursue vogue and fashion, there is also a wide range of selections from TYSSO.

The data collectors and Bluetooth barcode scanners enable the work of stock checking to become much effortless and widely adopted in logistics industry.

In order to follow up the market, we always make sure to take care any of your POS requirements. No matter how emerging industry goes, we supply the most suitable POS products you need.